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When I set out to create my sixth studio album, “The Wind of Change,” I knew it had to be a heartfelt tribute to the songs and people who’ve shaped my journey. As I pondered what stories I wanted to tell through my music, life presented its own narrative.

My move to Phoenix and my incredible collaboration with Sunny Dawn Johnston—an internationally acclaimed author, teacher, speaker, and psychic medium—and the Sunlight Alliance Team, became the creative catalyst for most of the songs on this album.

The title track, “The Wind of Change,” wasn’t just the first song I wrote; it became the thematic anchor for the entire album. Each song explores some facet of change, a theme that’s been a constant in my life lately. Adding another layer of emotional complexity, the album also delves into the ripple effects of my brother’s divorce on our family.

Coming just a year after my previous album, “In the Colorado Mountains,” I’m ecstatic to share music that not only captures what’s in my heart but also has the power to touch and inspire others. “The Wind of Change” isn’t just an album; it’s an invitation to join me on a musical journey through the transformative power of change.

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