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Album Description

Immerse yourself in the captivating soundscape of this exclusive album, intricately crafted during transformative workshops led by Sunny Dawn Johnston, an internationally renowned author, teacher, speaker, and psychic medium. This musical collection showcases soulful hits like “Just Breathe,” “Help Me,” “We Support You,” and “I Am Open,” along with the debut sensation “Hey Oh” from the Celebrate Your Life event in Chicago.

Masterfully composed, recorded, and engineered by Kris in her intimate home studio in Glendale, Arizona, this album is more than just a compilation of songs—it’s a spiritual experience.

“I’m thrilled to share this album, as each song encapsulates the very essence, vibration, and transformative energy of my collaborative work with Sunny. It’s an honor to contribute to each listener’s spiritual journey. My deepest wish is that these songs serve as a soulful echo, transporting you back to the profound moments, emotions, and energies you experienced during our workshops.”

To deepen your connection, this album also includes a selection of acoustic bonus tracks, allowing you to relive each song in its raw, workshop-performed version.

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